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3/5/2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Update:


Please read the below in its entirety

School and childcare personnel now eligible to be vaccinated
The following education and childcare personnel are now eligible to be vaccinated in Texas:
• Those who work in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools.
• Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including teachers, staff, and bus drivers); and
• Those who work as or for licensed childcare providers, including center-based and family care providers.

For the above, Tiers (Phases) 1A and 1B, first doses will be provided on March 10 for only those appointed. Once registered, you must receive a phone call with an appointment time. Please do not arrive without an appointment.

Phase 1A: Front-line healthcare workers and residents at long-term care facilities
Phase 1B: People 65+ or people 16+ with a health condition that increases risk of severe COVID 19 illness, including but not limited to:
• Cancer
• Chronic kidney disease
• COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
• Down Syndrome
• Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies
• Organ transplantation
• Obesity
• Pregnancy
• Sickle cell disease
• Type 2 diabetes

If you have a medical condition not listed above, you may still qualify for the vaccine. Talk to your provider to confirm. Spring 2021 is the best estimate of when vaccines will be available for the general public. Availability will depend on vaccine supply. Check back here for updates.

Second doses provided on Wednesday, March 10, will only be for those who were due on March 3. Second doses for due dates prior to March 3 may be available at the end of the day if excess doses are available due to no-shows/cancellations, or vials producing more than the standard number of doses. We are working with the state to determine a process to get all the second doses caught up. The issue is the limited number of vaccines (not enough to meet the demand).

We are noticing the online registration for Dimmit and Zavala County residents has considerably slowed down. Our concern is those attempting to register online are NOT completing the process therefore making the registration incomplete. Additionally, people are not answering their phones (huge problem) when trying to offer an appointment.

Our concern is the over 65 population. Please, if you know of someone without a computer or phone, we ask you contact them to go to the hospital registration desk or the Dimmit County Arena and Conference Center and pick up a consent form for the first dose. Have the forms completed and return to either location. Once we receive the completed forms we will put them on the schedule as a priority.

Three ways to register.
3. 830-448-2210

Healthcare Research Center

Dimmit Regional Hospital understands the desire family members and patients have to conduct online health research. Below you will find a research library to tens of thousands of health sources where you may read and examine health topics of interest to you. The program includes the Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, A research engine, and The FastNurse Personal Research Service as well as other interesting components.