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Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic

Dimmit Regional Hospital Rural Health Clinics

Introducing Dimmit Regional Hospital Rural Health Clinics, formerly Luevano Health Care.
With a team of medical professionals, you already know and trust, why travel far distances to see a provider?
The healthcare you need is just down the road at Dimmit Regional Hospital Rural Health Clinics.

Primary Care

• Flu and Colds
• Minor Injuries
• Ear Infections
• Sinus Infections
• Sports Injuries
• Strains and Sprains
• Wound Care

Chronic Conditions

• Allergies
• Asthma
• Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Digestive Disorders
• Hypertension
• Sleep Disorders

Preventative Care

• Wellness Exams
• Immunizations/Vaccinations
• School and Sports


• Weight Management

Are you past due for your annual check-up?

Now, more than ever, knowing more about your health status is essential.

Regular check-ups allow your primary medical provider to detect issues early,
promoting better treatment outcomes and saving on medical bills for your family.
Medicare and most insurance plans typically cover exams. With COVID-19 infections starting
to rise again, taking steps to protect your health is especially important this time of year.
From managing chronic conditions to detecting new risks, a proactive approach to
healthcare is vital. Take control of your health and schedule a wellness exam
with a primary medical provider today!

Call for more information and to schedule an appointment with a local medical provider.

Dimmit Regional Hospital Rural Health Clinics
Carrizo Springs—504 Hospital Dr., Suite B, Carrizo Springs, TX 78834 | 830-876-9458
Crystal City—1313 N 1st Ave., Crystal City, TX 78839 | 830-374-9823