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Photo shows 5 providers in white lab coats.
Photo shows 5 providers in white lab coats.

Our History

Dimmit Regional Hospital History

Dimmit Regional Hospital is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit first known as Dimmit County Memorial Hospital. We opened our doors in 1949 with 25 beds. In 1975, the hospital was remodeled and enlarged to 48 beds. In 2010, hospital district election passed overwhelmingly and became Dimmit Regional Hospital.

Dimmit Regional Hospital is located in South Texas in the city of Carrizo Springs, County of Dimmit. The population for our county is approximately 18,000. Zavala County is our neighbor county and their population is about 16,000. This hospital strives to provide the best healthcare services to both counties and the surrounding area.

Highlights of our hospital include the renovation of our pharmacy and laboratory which was completed in June, 2012. The Radiology and Fluoroscopy Room with state of the art equipment was renovated and completed in February, 2015.

DRH has taken pride in hosting and participating in community health fairs as well as local and surrounding area school fairs.

TORCH has played a vital role in our small rural hospital since its creation. We are very grateful for their representation and support they have given us all these years. They have been our advocates and our voice. It is an honor to be part of the TORCH and THA organizations.